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31 October 2009 @ 06:42 pm
Colouring and Customization #02  
Because procrastinating on thesis sounds awesome and it’s Halloween! Who cares about thesis when it’s Halloween, right? /brick’d so hard

Title: Halloween Fairy
Character(s): England from Hetalia
Original Artist/Art: ばに / this art
Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS, PhotoScape
Time: ± 3.5 hours
A/N: Coloured for Halloween.


APH_Halloween Fairy by ~leriko on deviantART
Click for bigger picture at DA
He looks more like a bee than a fairy. LOL.


View Image for full size.
(And I did some header thingy for my journal)

Ah, there, it’s done. Now, lemme go back to my thesis research. ( =_=)

Not just an endnote::
-Comment is loved like pumpkin… I think.
-If you want to use the colouring for other customization (icon, wallpaper, banner, etc.), please contact me and I shall give you the original coloured image (without texts and bigger resolution).
-Do credit the original artist and me (for colouring) if you use it anywhere.
-Do not steal and claim it as your colouring.